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8SIX400 is the first motor racing apparel brand, to be made from recycled ad sustainable fabrics. Drawing inspiration from the passion and thrill that motorsport brings, 8SIX400 was born from the track, more precisely Le Mans 24hrs. Hence the name, the amount seconds in 24hrs. 


The one thing you always need is racing is the competitive advantage. The same is for fashion. 86400's edge.. besides that awesome design, everything is made from recycled plastic and cotton. 


8SIX400 is brand, from the Merchant Tailor group, who are pioneers in sustainability, using recycled materials such as ocean plastic to design and produce the highest quality headwear and apparel for some of the world’s biggest luxury and commercial brands in Sport and Lifestyle.


The partnership with Ferdinand for 8SIX400, is the ideal opportunity to jointly co-launch the 86400 brand as the first motorsport apparel collection made from recycled materials and sustainable sources.

But it’s also about shared values as Ferdinand’s personal campaign to address sustainability issues in motorsport means he manages his own carbon footprint - calculated to the last tenth of a tonne.

This is done by offsetting the carbon emissions & supporting nature-based solutions in S.America – buying and protecting rainforest hectares. means your business and brand will immediately lock in sustainable best practice, elevate brand equity, customer loyalty, and that sought after competitive advantage.


It’s not just commercial sense, it’s the future of retail and one that will see early adopters surge ahead of the field.


We hope you like it


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